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It amazes me to believe that I have an archive of almost 8 years on this blog.

Spanning through a confused sixth form to a messy and unwell undergraduate and meandering through spaces of freedom, pain and acceptance.

I hope you enjoy reading!


Hospitals are places of some stark realities. They freaked me out for so many years. Sterile zones of pain and death with unwell people lingering around outside. I didn’t like to be reminded of them. Similar to homeless people, it’s easier if you avoid and pretend they don’t exist. I’m being sold so much at […]

When someone with OCD gets ill

I’m recovering from a scary few days of covid. I didn’t realise the power this illness could have over me, making me feel the illest I’ve felt in an extremely long time. I’m dealing with my anxiety a lot. Being a person with OCD obsessions around health means that when you actually get ill, things […]

I go to the pub alone

I am living a strange single life in London at present, moving between the South London coffee shops and the office in Soho. It’s a routine that has shown me a joy I never expected. A musician with a steady routine doesn’t seem to fit ideas I once had of a hectic and unpredictable life, […]

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