Our lives as musicians can feel lonely

We are part of a wonderful profession of innovation and change, alongside tradition. We bring creativity and joy to the lives of many people, but often our own lives feel hidden.

Issues we may be facing with motivation, money issues, mental health issues and injury are too often kept inside. We are scared of what might happen if we share our struggles as well as our music.

I want this to change. I have created a podcast, Things Musicians Don’t Talk About, in which I interview guests and share my own experience in order to raise awareness for the real issues we face.

Nothing is off limits, we will talk about anything we need to. This will always be the main aim, regardless of how uncomfortable or stigmatised the issue it.

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Episode 24- Sexuality and relevance in classical music Things Musicians Don't Talk About

Trigger warning: discussions around specific homophobic commentsExplicit language is used. Today we are speaking about recent backlash and online homophobia beneath three posts on Classic FM's social media to celebrate pride month and support the LGBTQ+ community.We were shocked and saddened to imagine musicians still enduring an environment where to be yourself is to be attacked, even in 2021. The truth remains that to be different or to bring visibility into your music making, in order to end loneliness and stigma, is still a huge risk.Rebecca and Hattie discuss why visibility within classical music circles is vital, why they may have felt sidelined in the past with various issues and the vibrancy brought through musicians' differences and struggles.Classic FM's articles supporting pride:Gay classical composersLGBTQ music ensembles worldwideLGBTQ conductorsFind us!Website/blog InstagramFacebookKeep in touch! 
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Let’s make change.