Our lives as musicians can feel lonely

We are part of a wonderful profession of innovation and change, alongside tradition. We bring creativity and joy to the lives of many people, but often our own lives feel hidden.

Issues we may be facing with motivation, money issues, mental health issues and injury are too often kept inside. We are scared of what might happen if we share our struggles as well as our music.

I want this to change. I have created a podcast, Things Musicians Don’t Talk About, in which I interview guests and share my own experience in order to raise awareness for the real issues we face.

Nothing is off limits, we will talk about anything we need to talk about to make the world a bit brighter!

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and below!

Episode 17- Hannah Fiddy Things Musicians Don't Talk About

Today I am talking to the co-founder and director of Alternative Classical, Hannah Fiddy. I talk to Hannah about her journey with music and studying music at Cambridge and how this subsequently lead to a passion for diversifying and expanding the often narrow view of classical music and how it is presented.  Hannah is a creative entrepreneur, classical music consultant and content creator based in Shoreditch. She has experience working with choirs, venues orchestras, composers, musicians and charities, leading the publicity campaigns for numerous concerts outside of traditional spaces, including warehouses, pubs, clubs, museums, hospitals and prisons. Specialising in social media, Hannah has managed the digital presence for many music organisations and artists including choral composer John Rutter. Her production credits include classical club nights for Nonclassical and pop-up gigs and tours for Street Orchestra Live. Hannah’s alter ego is the Founder of London Flashmob, creating quirky events from wedding proposals to cultural pranks, including the London Undersound – a participatory audio adventure through the streets of Soho, which attracted over 1,000 participants.  Hannah is a music graduate of Christ’s College, Cambridge, and attended a state comprehensive school in Peterborough.Alternative Classical creates and promotes new approaches to classical music. It offers consultancy, creative direction, and artist/project management services to music organisations and individuals who create informal classical music experiences for diverse audiences.
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Let’s make change.