Fulfilled by the humble sock

Goodness I am on a roll with these blogs, I’m sorry!I wanted to write because today was a big day. I made my first ever sock. I will explain…

said sock

I have dreamt for about 10 years now to make socks. Every year it was in the back of my mind as something I’d ‘love to do’ and ‘love to give’.There was always something (usually musical) which took priority and that’s ok. This is the year my sock dreams are realised!

I get irrationally emotional about two material things. A beautiful pair of socks and a unique mug. I am won over by a cosy, autumnal aesthetic- coined as ‘hygge’ by the Danish- and want my life to dedicate time to sources of comfort. I love baking, I love making spaces feel, look and smell nice. Making socks means I can create something special and personal for people, it really does feel like knitting socks will be part of my idiolect.

I followed this incredible and utterly inspiring youtube video using the magic loop method to make ‘cottage socks’. I want this woman to be awarded a Nobel peace prize for this video. She was patient with me, explained things to me more than once and stayed with me until the end. I don’t have a grandma to teach me how to knit socks anymore, so this woman has passed on her traditionally ‘grandmotherly’ skill via the internet. I love you for this short moment, internet.

For some reason, I never quite believed that I would be capable of making something that looks this amazing. I’ve never had time before. I’ve always felt too drained to find motivation when I did have the time. I am so grateful that my guilt towards cello practice has lessened because I can now become the person I’ve always dreamt of being. Someone with the time and patience to make beautiful things for beautiful people.

I never want to lose the pride and accomplishment I feel for making my first sock. I thank the desolation of the lockdowns for leading me to this place of peace and time finally. I am learning what is important to me in my early twenties. Not success anymore I’m afraid, capitalism, but joy and time alone to sit in the utter reality of my life without distraction. Knitting is so magical and I feel beyond successful today.

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