Can We Really Make Music?

Can we really make music?

It doesn’t pull me to try

Pushing one word from aches

Five sounds from melodies I

Remember to attain their brilliance


Stay close, don’t pass my gifts so freely

The birds might not cry for a tune of mine-

Lift soft breathing from the sleeping

Air and lie within it now


I remind myself, hard, hold on

At the mercy of all this beauty

Can’t I see, pass it on must

I live by its side, stroke its

Hair, watch it leave my sight?


Again I sit, perhaps 100 times

More luck from lifting the world

Beyond her pains- thrill me

To speak change through words-

The letters of a leaking sky


Take away any strong feeling, tell

Any folk singer to stay still-

Wild roughness of rainstorms my

Fears react to change, my hopes,

My songs remain unscathed



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