Why it’s socially unacceptable to be passionate

Do our passions scare others? Do others enjoy questioning and taunting even if your interest means nothing to them?

In today’s world, especially as a teenager, I notice inequalities, form strong opinions and fight for my beliefs but all too often this is frowned upon. Like for some reason I’m a woman fighting for her rights in the 20’s. Has our world failed to move on?

If I were a man I’m certain this interrogation wouldn’t be the case, foremost because I would be a Man, but also because people tend to trust that a man’s decision is firm and strong and respected. It still feels as though my passions are forbidden both because I am a woman and because of the stereotype these topics have developed.

I find myself apprehensive to declare myself a feminist, an environmentalist, an activist, a quaker, a christian, an artist, a vegan. As though the words that define me have to be buried beneath the surface. The irony stands, that who I really am and who I display to the world is actually a watered down version of myself. If I were completely and truly myself, people would be threatened and undoubtedly would question whether I ‘should’ believe that and somehow feel that I’m directly opposing them.

Of course there are those of us who have very few shits to give about exactly what others may think. But when these ‘others’ manifest themselves in the form of family and friends, it’s much more tempting to shrink away into the politically correct version of a frustrated young female. It’s human nature and it’s shit.

(Just a few short thoughts before bed)

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