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Poetry has been a big part of my artistic expression since I was around 16. Working words into sounds, sentences and stanzas feels intensely musical to me and I am enjoying weaving it into my life more.


Reverence for the natural world influences my life as an artist and deepens my sense of belonging. I find it difficult to express the ways that nature makes me feel, but I know it to be a mystery, a miracle and something with immense power for healing.

Raincloud retrograde

The falling hits me. It comes in

Waves, the strength, the rattle of

Piercing ground, dry enough I enjoy this fall

How can green be gentle yet strong

Undeterred by dying clouds they droop

But washed, the leaves bask in heavy moisture

The earth stills to the stopping, my slow

Breaths worship the damp trees I don’t

Know the names of


Beauty lands sound and wrestles

With the ground to show her sleep

Standing beside me on a morning walk

She’s veiled as I force myself to pray

Sundays are too difficult. Beauty, she

Gives Sunday a strange flavour of tomato

Juice because it is disappointing as hell


Transmuting my emotional experiences into words has always been one of the greatest healers. I am pretty horrendous at journalling, but being open about the intensity of a specific moment through poetry has enabled me to endure some extremely painful states of mind.

Writer’s block

Creative nothing

Flat powers, blue light hours

They’re full when this blank

Page gives nothing, humble

A sweet absence as thoughts

Cascade and frustration waxes

For the powerless writers’ block

Is the emptiness I missed

The Moments In-Between

Space. I catch this moment

Deeper than most, my consciousness

Breathes it’s relief- I barely notice

Freedom from thought a split second

Still blinded but now aware

A wave of true life to prove it lives

Peace is maybe a lot to ask

I resent my now, painful punching

Reality- still I notice it moves and stops

It cries and laughs and takes

Strange roads to a resting place

But it gets there

Even if I feel it only lightly

My presence I know is strong

My strength to trust, to be and no more

This love for life lives on


Faith is a lifelong journey and one that I frequently feel lost within. So much of scripture is poetry and can evoke so many experiences within us. My religious and spiritual poems are often reflections of religious text, as well as reflecting my faith journey

Approaching your passion I am far off-

Idle I gaze, so distant, holiness in

Deficit. I am not ready to cry at you

Feet- to watch, to mourn, to light you

Easter morning with awesome fire.

I grieve my unbecoming, fake and lacking

Even with your fidelity to the world

I desire to kindle your flame, to

Witness the agony and know it in me

Your human homicide, utterly forsaken

Darkness, it’s power no more than ash in you

I delight that you accept my lack, my

Unending relapse, my false desire

I can bear none of it without you Lord

Your cross is my path, a holy

Friendship I possess without needing even

To ask


Throughout Advent I worked on writing and editing some poems, many of which based on the ‘O Antiphon’ season in the octave before Christmas. This is below and you are welcome to look through them.

Poetry forms a part of my prayer life and helps me to accept and express the mysteries of suffering, healing and faith. I wanted this anthology to convey my faith journey where it stands. Not as something certain or rigid, but as something that moves through seasons and brings me closer to the sense of my space in the world.

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